Discover Jamestown
An Interactive WebQuest for Students

"A verie fit place for the erecting of a great cittie"

Captain John Smith
Jamestown President, 1608
    1.  Join the Exploration
The Virginia State History Society needs your help!  You have been asked to conduct research about the Jamestown Colony for a new exhibit designed just for students like yourself.  Come along on this virtual field trip to conduct your research.

   2.  Use a Data Log
You will use a data log to record your research findings.  This document will guide your research by explaining what you need to find out and it will provide you with a place to record your data as you answer the questions listed.

If you have not already been provided with a copy of the data log, open it and print it here:  click here to open and print data log

   3.  Organize your Group
A good research team is well organized.  You should decide as a group which role each person will play in your research team.  Depending on how many people are in your group, here are some examples of the various roles each person might play:

You can always take turns in each role so everyone has a chance to navigate!

    4.  Conduct Research
You will click on the links below one at a time to read the information and look at the pictures on various web sites.  Follow along on your data log worksheet and answer questions as the information you need is revealed.  Complete all the questions in section 1 using the section 1 web sites before going on to section 2 questions and web sites.

Remember:  All the information that you need can be found on the web sites listed below.  You should not access other web sites unless your teacher has specifically told you to.

   5.  Explore Online
Begin your research here.  Read the questions on your data log for Part 1 before you go to the web sites below.  Have fun!

Part 1 - An Overview of Jamestown

This web site was created by Mrs. Steinhilber's Fourth Grade Class at Gunston Elementary School in Lorton, Virginia.
Click here to begin your journey with an overview of Jamestown's history from a student perspective.

Part 2 - Jamestown's Location

Use this site to learn more about Jamestown's Location

Part 3 - The Fort

Use this site to learn more about the Jamestown Fort

Part 4 - The Town

Use this site to learn more about Jamestown as a fully functional town

Part 5 - Important People

Use this site to learn more about the important people involved in the Jamestown settlement

Part 6 - Explore on Your Own to Extend your Learning

Use these links to explore on your own.  Record the information you find on your data log.

A.  Take a virtual tour of Old Towne Jamestown as it exists today.  View historic buildings, statues, and other historically significant landmarks.  Read the text taken directly from the historic signs on the island.

B.  Learn how the artifacts found at the Jamestown site have helped scientists to answers additional questions about the settlers and their times.  Topics included are listed below the link.
C.  Learn more about the Virginia Company

D.  Learn more about Captain John Smith

E.  Learn more about Pocahontas

F.  Learn more about John Rolfe

G.  View an in-depth timeline of the events leading up to and through the founding of Jamestown

H.  View lists of settlers by occupation taken from John Smith's writings

I.  Learn more about the armor worn by Jamestown settlers

J.  Learn more about how artifacts (including coins, ceramics, tobacco pipes, and cloth seals) help archeologists date features on a historical site including Jamestown

K.  Learn more about the trade between the English settlers and the Algonquian Powhatans

L.  Learn more about the food of the Jamestown settlers

M.  Visit the National Park Service's site for an in-depth index of web based Jamestown studies and related texts.  Topics are listed below the web address.
6.  Share your Research

Share your research with others.  Here are some of the ways you and your teacher might decide to share:

  7.  Reflect on your Learning

As you conclude your research, ask yourself, "What have I learned?" and "What do I want to learn more about?"  Your teacher may ask you to write answers to these Questions at the bottom of your data log.  To help you answer these questions, look back over your data log to see all that you have learned.

Thank you for your exploration and detailed research.
Hopefully you have had fun while learning about Jamestown!


Web Quest created by David Holt, Technology Resource Teacher, Loudoun County Public Schools