Grasshoppers cannot be active unless their bodies are warm. So, in the morning, grasshoppers lie in the sun. When it is warm enough, a grasshopper can move around and feed.

In warm climates, grasshoppers can be active all year, but in places that have cold winters, grasshoppers are active only during the warm months.

Most grasshoppers have body colors and patterns that blend with their surroundings. This makes it difficult for predators to see them.


What do grasshoppers eat?

Some grasshoppers eat flowers. The pollen and nectar give them a lot of energy. Some grasshoppers eat animals like worms and snails and even younger grasshoppers.


What about eyes and ears?

A grasshopper has two large compound eyes. Each compound eye is made up of thousands of very tiny eyes and each faces in a different direction.

A grasshopper also has three small eyes on the top of the head, but these see only light and dark.

Most grasshoppers can hear sounds that humans cannot. The ones that cannot hear rely on smell.


What about legs and wings?

Most of the time, grasshoppers walk. This saves energy and helps them hide from predators. If a grasshopper needs to escape, its powerful back legs allow it to leap away in a flash.

Some grasshopper species have a pair of back wings and a pair of front wings.  Some have back wings only and some have no wings at all.


Inside a Grasshopper

Grasshoppers have clear blood and a heart that is shaped like a tube.

Grasshoppers breathe through ten spiracles or tiny holes on the side of the body.

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