Collegiate Lower School

New Links
Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard After completing this lesson, you will know why Ben & Jerry's has to keep choosing which flavors of ice cream to keep selling--and which ones to bury in their Flavor Graveyard!
Lemonade Stand Game "Welcome to Lemonade Stand! Your goal in this game will be to make as much money as you can within 30 days. "
Learning Games & Explorations
Find great games and puzzles here for all subjects. Many of these games were created by students from this school in the United Kingdom. (UK)
Edheads Edheads is an online educational resource that provides free science and math games and activities that promote critical thinking.
Lego Avatar Creator Create your own lego avatar to use an an identity in place of your own photo...or use them as characters in a story.
Learning Games & Explorations Visit this link to find many fun things to do when you have a free moment!
National Geographic: Wildlife Filmmaker Make a custom nature film with animal clips, sounds and more. then share your masterpiece with friends.
NYT Set Daily Puzzle Give it a try!
Puzzlemaker Create and print customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more using your own word lists.
Study Jams Math and Science Study jams here!
Tagxedo Taxedo turns words (famous speeches, news articles, letters, or your own paragraphs) into word clouds individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequesncy of occurrence within the body of text.
Wordle Wordle is an app for generating "word clouds" from text you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.
GEOGRAPHY ------------------Latitude and Longitude
Information Please-Latitude Longitude Cities around the world
Latitude/Longitude Major cities in U.S.A.
Latitude/Longitude US and Canadian cities
New!Latitude & Longitude Game Go on a treasure hunt!
World.Com-Latitude & Longitude Cities around the world
GEOGRAPHY ------------------National Geographic Sites
GeoBee Challenge Five new questions from the National Geographic Bee posted daily.

Maps and Geography
Teachers - you can modify & print these for your students.

Search for maps in their Map
Machine Online Atlas.
My Wonderful World "Geography is more than places on a map. It's global connections and incredible creatures. It's people and cultures, economics and politics. And it's essential to understanding our interconnected world."
GEOGRAPHY ------------------More Sites Worth Checking Out!
CIA World Fact Book

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. Our Reference tab includes: maps of the major world regions, as well as Flags of the World, a Physical Map of the World, a Political Map of the World, and a Standard Time Zones of the World map.

Culture Grams for Kids

Select a country from the menu or explore your way to a country using the map!
Africa Map Puzzle Learn the locations and names of African countries and capitals.
Find a Story... Map a Story...
Tell a Story
Choose a story that matters to you and using an online mapping tool like Community Walk, Wayfaring or Google Maps, create a StoryMap that will place your stories within a geographical context.
Geo-Globe Many choices of things to do here!
Geo-Net Game Another fun geography game
Northern Africa/Mid-East Map Quiz How many do you know?
PBS Africa for Kids: Nigeria Learn more about Africa here!
Place the State More fun games at the Ben''s Guide to US Government
U.S. Features Puzzle Can you place the US rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges in their proper locations?
50 States Timed Quiz Do you still remember what you learned in 2nd grade :-)
Boys and Girls - Please note: These are all fun keyboarding games but they will only help you learn to type better if you use proper fingering as you play the games. If you use "chicken typing" (hunting and pecking) then all you will be doing is playing games rather than really practicing keyboarding ;-)
Cup Stacking Game Type the letters you see in black.
Dance Mat Typing "Welcome to Dance Mat Typing, an introduction to touch typing for children aged 7 - 11 years. Each of the 4 levels are divided into 3 stages. Begin at Level 1 and build up your skills gradually through to Level 4." No login required. Use this site to practice so you can improve your speed and become a more efficient typist.
Keyboard Invasion Game A fun but challenging keyboarding game. Choose your level and get started!
Super Hyper Spider Typer Hungry lizards with words on their backs are after Berry the hairy spider. Save Berrry from these creatures by typing words as quickly as they appear on their backs and help save Berry from becoming someone's lunch!
Typing Web This is the new app we use for keyboarding at home. You may use this site as you wish at home, but PLEASE DO NOT LOGIN WITH YOUR SCHOOL LOGIN as that is only for when you are on campus.
New! Crossword Puzzle Maker Create your own custom puzzle here.
"This folklore site contains retellings of American folktales, Native American myths and legends, tall tales, weather folklore and ghost stories from each and every one of the 50 United States."
American Tall Tales Read a tall tale and then take a comprehension and /or vocabulary quiz!
Read and hear interactive, narrated, animated stories.
Gullah Folktales Gullah people were a native people who lived on islands off the coast of of South Carolina. They told stories to pass the time away and to share their heritage with their children.
Myth, Folktales and Fairy Tales Scholastic has "compiled contributions from many authors to create this rich resource for learning about and writing in these genres."
Tales of Wonder: Folk and Fairy Tales from Around The World Stories from many parts of the world are included here.
The Moonlit Road Look here for "ghost stories and strange folktales of the American South, told by the region's most celebrated storytellers."
Bookseer Hail Fellow. I've just finished reading______ by _____. What should I read next?
Grammar Blast Have a blast with Grammar Blast! Answer 10 questions and earn up to 100 game points. To play just choose a quiz and get started.
Idioms by Kids See over 1000 idioms illustrated by kids!
English Idioms Daily Blog This blog looks at a different English idiom every day.
Idioms Game Can you match the idiom to the correct meaning? Find out the meanings of common sayings.
Tagxedo Create word pictures.
Rotten Tomatoes Review Review
NY Times Review
Family Movie Review
E Online Review
Movie Review Query Engine
Poetry Zone Poetry, poetry and more poetry!
Poetry for Kids 42eXplore has links to many other good poetry sites for kids.
The Children's Poetry Archive Looking for a theme poem? Animals? Birds? Nature? This archive is full of poems chosen especially for children. Meet old faorites and make new discoveries.
Writing with Writers: Poetry "Study the genre of poetry by taking part in step-by-step workshops with favorite authors."
Mirriam Webster Visual Dictionary Online Explore the 15 major themes to access more than 6,000 images and see words like never before!
Spelling City Practice spelling and vocabulary words here.
Spelling Games Many choices!
Word Find 3 Levels of difficulty!
5 Elements of a Short Story Video This Flocabulary HIP-HOP ong will teach you the 5 elements of a short story (plot, characters, conflict, theme, and setting) in a fun way!
Be Funky Upload a photo & create your own avatar.
StoryBird Read some good stories here!
Tell a Story: A Guide to Storytelling Just what it says---a GUIDE to Storytelling!
The Kids Storytelling Club Get some new ideas for stories to tell.
Wordle Wordle is a "toy" for generating "word clouds" from text you provide.
National Atlas of the U.S.A. Build your own maps here!!!
MAPS--------------------Louisiana Purchase Maps
Map of Louisiana Purchase #1 U.S. and territories in 1810
Map of Louisiana Purchase #2 One of best maps!
Map of Louisiana Purchase #3 The United States and the area
of the Louisiana Purchase
Map of Louisiana Purchase #4 The U.S. in 1803 - After The Louisiana Purchase
Map of Louisiana Purchase #5 From the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection of the University of Texas at Austin
MAPS--------------------Oregon Trail Maps
Oregon Trail Map and Alternate Routes
Clickable Map of Points Along the Trail
The Oregon Trail had several alternate routes.These maps show you some of them along with points along the way.
Trail of Tears Map  
Cherokee Removal Routes  
MAPS--------------------Territorial Maps
U.S. Territorial Growth: 1800 All of these maps are from University of Texas @ Austin
U.S. Territorial Growth: 1810
U.S. Territorial Growth: 1820
U.S. Territorial Growth: 1830
U.S. Territorial Growth: 1840
U.S. Territorial Growth: 1850
U.S. Territorial Growth: 1860
MAPS--------------------Trail of Tears Maps
Trail of Tears Images and Maps See a good map and the famous Lindneux painting of the Trail of Tears here.
Everyday Math Online Play the popular games from the Everyday Mathematics Program.
Times Attack This link is provided so that you can download and use this application at home. 4th graders, be sure to get your parents permission before downloading any computer applications :-)
Builder Ted Help Builder Ted fix his leaking roof!
Decimals Everything You Ever Needed to Learn About Decimals But Were Afraid to Ask!
Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy Review place value and comparing and rounding numbers. Also, practice number patterns.
Decimal Squares Interactive Games Choose from 8 different games!
Place Value Pirates Attack of the place value pirates!
Railroad Repair Repair the tracks so the train can return to the station!
Skillwise: Intro to Decimals An introduction to working with decimal fractions
• Reading decimal places
• Understanding place holders
• Ordering decimal values
Division Matho Combines Bingo & Division. Use Internet Explorer not Safari for this game.
Interactive Division Games Many to choose from!
Math---------------------------Fractions, Geometry, Measurement
Banana Hunt This game helps students practice the degrees of an angle
Perimeter An introduction to perimeter
Who Wants Pizza? A fun way to learn about fractions!
AAAMath All sorts of math games and activities.
Battleship Can you sink all of the enemy's ships? Your knowledge of solving Algebraic equations will help!
CoolMath4Kids.Com Find many favorites here, including Lemonade Stand!
CyberChase Lots of GREAT math games here at the PBS site!
Explore Learning Subscription based but you can give it a try!
Fun Brain Kid Center A variety of online math games for grades 1-8 with varying levels of difficulty.
IXL This would be good for teaching range, median, mode, etc. but look here for lots of other things too...good site!
A Maths Dictionary for Kids An animated, interactive online math dictionary for students which explians over 600 common mathematical terms and math words in simple language.
Lemonade Stand Fun game to teach economic principles.
Math is Fun Engaging lessons and interactive activities.
Mathmania Mrs. Domalik's Math Page!
NumberNut Enough math can make anyone nutty ;-)
Rainforest Maths Interactive mathematics activities for K - 6 students!
New! Sheppard Software Fabulous site with math games and activities for K-4 in all areas of math.
Charts to Go Great free graphing tool! Excellent!
Create a Graph

Another good graphing site but check out other good links related to statistics. For example:
Roll the Dice.

New! NYT Set Daily Puzzle Give it a try!
Power Lines
Levels. 1 ...2 ...3
Mathematical Reasoning Games
Black Dog's Multiplication Quizzes Use Internet Explorer not Safari for this game.
Interactive Mutiplication Games Over a dozen games for anyone who is trying to learn or 'brush up on' their multiplication. Tons of fun!
More Multiplication Games Lots of Choices!
Multiplication Matho Combines Bingo & Multiplication. Use Internet Explorer not Safari for this game.
Multiplication Facts Practice Practice, practice, practice!
MultiFlyer Multiplication in Space!
Amsterdam Tesselations Projects See examples of tessellations created by 5th graders; also find links to other tessellation sites
Tessellate! Cool interactive tessellations!
The World of Escher The World of Escher(TM), Inc. is a Texas corporation founded in 1993. Their mission is to bring the incredible work and life of the Dutch graphic artist, M.C. Escher, to the public at large.
New! Study Jams Math and Science study jams here!
New! Squidoo Great search engine for kids!

Mrs. Persing's Learning Lab

Coming soon!
Cool Cosmos  Designed to show students a new way to view the world through infrared light.
Edheads Edheads is an online educational resource that provides free science and math games and activities that promote critical thinking.
Science News For Kids You will find all sortsof interesting articles here!
  Math and Science study jams here!
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Art & History
Art Tales: Telling Stories with Wildlife Art Create your own slide show with wildlife art, journal writing, and music.
 Go West, Young Artist This ArtEdventure is a journey back in time and across the American landscape
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Erie Canal
Canal Culture in New York State A brief history of the New York State canal system (includes the Erie Canal.)
Erie Canal: A Journey Through History A multimedia tour of the Erie Canal, built by immigrants in the 1820s.
Erie Canal Museum "The Erie Canal Museum is housed in the 1850 Weighlock Building, where canal boats were weighed during the days when they ran through the center of Syracuse (NY) on the Erie Canal."
Erie Canal Project Once you have explored the website, take the Erie Canal QUIZ!
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Famous People
U.S. Presidents Husbands of the U.S. First Ladies
First Ladies Wives of the U.S. presidents

Abigail Adams 1
Abigail Adams 2
Abigail Adams 3

Wife of President John Adams and proponent of women's rights.
Amazing Americans "Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made this country what it is today."
John James Audubon1
John James Audubon2

Growing up in Haiti, this famous artist developed a love of wildlife, but especially bird, and of sketching.
Benjamin Banneker1
Benjamin Banneker2
Benjamin Banneker3
Benjamin Banneker was an African-American astronomer, clockmaker, and publisher who...
Ben Franklin: Glimpses of the Man Ben Franklin became famous for being a scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist. Find out more here!
James Bowie1
James Bowie2
Jim Bowie, the man who popularized the "bowie knife" is also known for fighting at the Battle of the Alamo.
Elizabeth Blackwell1
Elizabeth Blackwell2
She was the 1st woman physician to graduate from a modern medical school.
Chief Joseph His Indian name is In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat. Do you know what it means?
Chief Seattle When he was a young man Seattle inherited his father's position as chief.
Chief Sitting Bull Learn more about this Lakota (Sioux) Medicine Man and Chief.
Daniel Boone: American Pioneer and Trailblazer Daniel Boone is one of the most famous pioneers in United States history.
Daniel Boone (History of ) Extensive information about the life of Daniel Boone from the Daniel Boone Homestead website in Birdsboro, Pensylvania.
David "Davy" Crockett
Davy Crockett
Visit these 2 sites to learn more about Davy Crockett.

Emma Willard1
Emma Willard2
Emma Willard3
Emma Willard4

Find out more about this woman known for opening the doors of education to women.
Famous "Obits" List Read the original newspaper article or story reporting the death of these famous early Americans as it actually appeared at the time.

Frederick Douglass1
Frederick Douglass2
Frederick Douglass3

One of the most important Black Americans in the history of our country!
George Catlin
George Catlin Timeline
He journeyed west 5 times in the 1830s to paint the Plains Indians and their way of life.
Meet George Washington

Welcome to George Washington's world! No matter what you want to know about America's first hero, this section of the Mount Vernon website has a wealth of information for you.

George Washington: A National Treasure "The focal point of George Washington: A National Treasure is the Lansdowne portrait of George Washington painted by Gilbert Stuart in 1796."
Thomas Jefferson

Extensive information about the life and work of the third president of the United States of America and author of the Declaration of Independence [from the Monticello website]

James Madison

A brief biography of James Madison who was perhaps the hardest working & most widely respected man of his day.

Alexander Hamilton1
Alexander Hamilton2
Alexander Hamilton3
Test your Hamilton I.Q.

Good information about the famous Revolutionary War and political figure at

Dolley Madison1
Dolley Madison2
Dolley Madison3

For half a century she was the most important woman in the social circles of America. This brief biography comes from

Lucretia Mott1
Lucretia Mott2
Elizabeth Blackwell, a Quaker, was an abolitionist and a feminist.
Susan B. Anthony1
Susan B. Anthony2
Susan B. Anthony3
Susan B. Anthony4

Biography of a fighter for women's rights.

Harriet Beecher Stowe1
Harriet Beecher Stowee2

Learn about the life and times of Harriet Beecher Stowe from this online exhibit at Harriet Beecher Stowe Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

Robert Fulton1
Robert Fulton2
Robert Fulton3
Robert Fulton Timeline

Commercial steamboating on the Hudson River began with Robert Fulton’s successful steamboat trip from New York to Albany on August 14th, 1807. Learn more artist & inventor, Robert Fulton.

Samual Morse1
Samuel Morse2
Samuel Morse3
Samuel Morse4

Biography of Samuel Morse 1791 – 1872

Noah Webster1
Noah Webster2
Noah Webster3
Noah Webster and America's First Dictionary
Zebulon Pike1
Zebulon Pike2
Learn more about Zebulon Pike's place in history from this website, Lewis and Clark Journey of Discovery sponsored by the National Park Service.
Francis Scott Key1
Francis Scott Key2
Francis Scott Key3
We know Francis Scott Key as the composer of our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. Learn more about his life at this website sponsored by the National Park Service.
Harriet Tubman1
Harriet Tubman2
(many more good links at end)

Harriet Tubman is perhaps the most well-known of all the Underground Railroad's "conductors." Learn more about her life at this PBS Series: Africans in America website.

Sojourner Truth1
Sojourner Truth2
Sojourner Truth3

Her birth name was Isabella Baumfree. This website provides a good biography of her life.

Chief Black Hawk1
Chief Black Hawk2
(Several other bios on this one site)
Chief Black Hawk Black Hawk, the famous war chief of the Sauk tribe, was born in 1767.
A silversmith by trade, Sequoyah fought on the side of General Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton1
Elizabeth Cady Staunton2
Elizabeth Cady Staunton3

In 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott organized the Women's Rights Convention at Seneca Falls. Later they joined forces with Susan B. Anthony to fight for women's right to vote.

John Sutter1
John Sutter2
John Sutter3
Learn more about this man of "gold rush" fame!
Narcissa Whitman1
Narcissa Whitman2
Narcissa Whitman3
Among the first American settlers in the West, the Whitmans played an important role in opening the Oregon Trail [from PBS documentary The West]
Eli Whitney1
Eli Whitney2
Eli Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gin and a pioneer in the mass production of cotton.
Laura Ingalls Wilder1
Laura Ingalls Wilder2
American author and creator of the children's series of "Little House" books, Laura wrote about her life as a young girl on the Western frontier during the late 18802.
John Fremont - source #1
John Fremont - source #2
John Fremont - source #3
Check here for much information about the life of John Fremont.
Lewis and Clark  
Merriwether Lewis1
Merriwether Lewis2
Leader of the Corps of Discovery
Willliam Clark
Invited by Merriwether Lewis to accompany him on his explorations.
Lewis & Clark
Biographies of the famous team of explorers

Discovering Lewis & Clark

Discovering Lewis & Clark® is a hyperhistory in progress!

Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark

Wild rivers, rugged unknown continent to explore but Lewis & Clark need your help!
Mapping the West
"Among the many successes of the1804-1806 Lewis & Clark Expedition were the important strides made in the mapping of the U.S. interior."
PBS Online: Lewis & Clark
"Enter the world of Lewis, Clark and the rest of the Corps of Discovery."
PBS Online: New Perspectives on the West-People Index
"This interactive biographical dictionary provides concise profiles of the men and women featured in THE WEST, as well as information about many individuals who are mentioned only in passing."
Mountain Men, Fur Trappers Learn about the mountain men and the fur trade in the Rocky Mountain West.
Past Presidents Visit this White House site to learn about former presidents.
Sacajawea Find out the truth about Sacajawea here!
Sam Houston Did you know Sam Houston was born in Virginia?
Sequoyah Read about this very famous Cherokee Indian.


This Shawnee Indian is from Ohio.
Women of the Gold Rush "To forty-niners and those following, no expression characterized the California gold rush more than the words "seeing the elephant." Look here to find out more!
Women's History Lots of the women we study can be found on this site.

Zebulon Pike
more details

Learn more about this man who lived the life of a military man and explorer.
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Famous Places & Museums
American Western History Museums Do NOT miss many GREAT resources here!!!
DC Webquest Mrs. Williams will lead you on this quest for information about Washington, D.C.
Frontier Culture Museum Staunton, Virginia
Monticello Home of Thomas Jefferson
New! Monticello Classroom Many fun activities here and lots to learn!
Monticello Research Library Project


Home of James Madison
JMU site
Mount Vernon Home of George Washington
National Museum of the American Indian Visit this new museum located on the mall in Washington, D.C.
National Portrait Gallery See the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington here!
Smithsonian Institution From here you can find any of the Smithsonian Museums.
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Immigration
Digital History: The Huddled Masses Find out just about anything on U.S. immigration here!
Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals American Family Immigration History Center. Search for family members here!
Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ellis Island was the gateway through which more than 12 million immigrants passed between 1892 and 1954.
English Emigration "In the 16th century English explorers were sent to the New World to seek a passage to the Indies."Find out more!
History Channel's Ellis Island Experience Ellis Island as the immigrants who landed here did. (There are some great video clips here.)
Immigration: A Living Mosaic of People, Culture and Hope Learn about the people. Read their stories
Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today This is's website."Find out what it means to come to the United States as an immigrant from the early 20th century through the early 21st century."
KidLink Multi-Cultural Calendar Search by month, holiday, country to learn about holidays & festivals around the world as explained by children who live in these countries.
LOC/American Memory-Immigration Lots of good information here!
On the Trail of the Immigrant A photo album based upon text and pictures from the book of the same name.
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Native American Sites
First Nation Histories Brief histories of most Native American tribes
National Museum of the American Indian Located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., this museum just opened on September 21, 2004.
Native American Bedtime Story Collection "Mother Earth is not a resource, she is an heirloom." -- David Ipinia, Yurok Indian Artist
Native Americans Many excellent resources here. Do not miss the excellent Native American Group/Tribe Chart.
Native American Technology & Art An internet resource for indigenous ethno-technology focusing on the arts of Eastern Woodland Indian Peoples
Native Ways: A Journey Through Modern Native America Come join the Dance! Don't miss "Tales of the People."
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Oregon Trail Sites
All About theOregon Trail Good information here!
Emigrant Narratives and Biographies Real stories about real people!
End of the Oregon Trail Homepage Experience Oregon History!
Fantastic Facts about the Oregon Trail Strange but True!
Hardships on the Trail "Walking 2,000 miles barefoot--and that was the easy part!"
Historic Sites on the Oregon Trail Take a tour of the Trail. Click on a state for more info.
Oregon Trail Links Many resources here!
Provisions & Prices This was not a journey for the faint of heart, nor was it a journey for the poor!
Westward Ho! "Travel the Trail with the Westward Ho! wagontrain!"
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Other Trail Sites
Cherokee Trail of Tears -1838-1839 Homepage with many links. You will also find the famous Robert Lindneux "Trail of Tears" painting here.
Mormon Trail Read all about it!
Mormon Pioneer Trail Often called the "Trail of Hope."
The Mormon Pioneer Story "The trail from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Great Salt Lake Valley was approximately 1,300 miles long and would ultimately lead 70,000 pioneers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the West. Take the journey with them. Stop along the trail and read their own accounts of what happened."
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------U.S. History & Government
America's Library
(A Library of Congress Site)

Visit this link in order to:
Meet Amazing Americans
Jump Back in Time
Explore the States
Join America at Play
See, Hear and Sing.

American Memory
(A Library of Congress Site)
Browse collections by topic. Here you wil find everything from Advertising and African Americans to War and Women's History!
America on the Move Check out these GAMES to "help you build chronology skills, develop a better understanding of change over time, and discover how transportation has impacted the growth of
American commerce, communities, landscape and people."
Archiving Early America Through the Media of the Day
(newspapers, maps, magazines and writings) learn about America's people and its past.
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Allow Ben Franklin to teach you about our nation and its government.
Declaration of Independence -
Our NationalTreasure
The Declaration of Independence is on display at the Archives Building in Washington, DC.
Explore D.C. There is something for everyone here!
First Gov for Kids "Welcome to the U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal...It provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject."
Hotlist: American History & Government Can't find something? Try here!!!
Kids Capital Play games and learn about Washington, D.C. in the process!
KidsClick! American History Another good place to begin your reserach!
U.S. Constitution Links available for different ages/grade levels.
New!US Government Games How much do you know about: Checks & Balances? Branches of the Governement?
Virginia Capitol Aren't we lucky to live in Richmond where we are able to visit our state Capitol?
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Westward Expansion
American West Learn about the "Frontier & Pioneer Days of the Wild West to today's Modern West" here.
Early California History: An Overview Many links here.
Erie Canal Click on link or scroll up to Erie Canal links above.

Gold Rush Homepage at PBS


So much here!
Gone to Texas (1820s-1850s) Actual family research about a family who settled in Texas
Jewish Pioneers of the Southwest "The United States Southwest, encompassing West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California, reflects the heritage of diverse groups of peoples."
Lone Star Junction A Texas History Resource
New Perspectives on the American West This is an interactive TIMELINE at PBS site!
On the Prairie "Less than 2% of native prairie remains today" Find out more here!.
Transcontinental Railroad: Driving the Last Stake 'The greatest historical event in transportation on the continent occurred at Promontory, Utah, on May 10, 1869." Find out what happened that day in history!
Wild, Wild West! Everything you could ever want to know about the West can probably be found here!
Women in the Gold Rush Not only men took part in the gold rush!
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Nigeria
Encyclopedia Britannica Do a search for Nigeria.
Grolier Encyclopedia Do a search for Nigeria.
World Book Encyclopedia Do a search for Nigeria.
Culture Grams Kids Edition Do a search for Nigeria.
CIA World Factbook - Nigeria  
Ducksters - Nigeria - Nigeria  
Nigeria Map  
National Geographic Kids - Nigeria  
Time for Kids - Nigeria  
Library of Congress - Nigeria  
Lonely Planet - Nigeria  
Fact Monster - Nigeria  
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------India
Encyclopedia Britannica Do a search for India.
Grolier Encyclopedia Do a search for India.
World Book Encyclopedia Do a search for India.

Culture Grams Kids Edition

Do a search for India.
CIA World Factbook - India  
Ducksters - India - India  
India Map  
National Geographic Kids - India  
Time for Kids - India  
Library of Congress - India  
Lonely Planet - India  
Fact Monster - India  
Kids Online - India Listen to their national anthem here!
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Russia
Encyclopedia Britannica Do a search for Russia.
Grolier Encyclopedia Do a search for Russia.
World Book Encyclopedia Do a search for Russia.

Culture Grams Kids Edition

Do a search for Russia.
CIA World Factbook - Russia  
Ducksters - Russia - Russia  
Russia Map  
National Geographic Kids - Russia  
Time for Kids - Russia  
Library of Congress - Russia  
Lonely Planet - Russia  
Fact Monster - Russia  
Kids Online - Russia Listen to their national anthem here!
SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Italy
Encyclopedia Britannica Do a search for Italy.
Grolier Encyclopedia Do a search for Italy.
World Book Encyclopedia Do a search for Italy.
Culture Grams Kids Edition Do a search for Italy.
CIA World Factbook - Italy  
Ducksters - Italy - Italy  
Italy Map  
National Geographic Kids - Italy  
Time for Kids - Italy  
Lonely Planet - Italy  
Fact Monster - Italy  
Kids Online - Italy Listen to their national anthem here!
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SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Honduras
Encyclopedia Britannica Do a search for Honduras.
Grolier Encyclopedia Do a search for Honduras.
World Book Encyclopedia Do a search for Honduras.
Culture Grams Kids Edition Do a search for Honduras.
CIA World Fact Book - Honduras  
Ducksters - Honduras  
Infoplease - Honduras  
Honduras Map  
Library of Congress - Honduras  
Lonely Planet - Honduras  
Fact Monster - Honduras  
Kids Online - Honduras Listen to their national anthem here!
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SOCIAL STUDIES-------------------Greece
Encyclopedia Britannica Do a search for Greece.
Grolier Encyclopedia Do a search for Greece.
World Book Encyclopedia Do a search for Greece.
Culture Grams Kids Edition Do a search for Greece.
CIA World Fact Book - Greece  
Ducksters - Greece  
Infoplease - Greece  
Greece Map  
National Geographic Kids - Greece  
Time for Kids - Greece  
Lonely Planet - Greece  
Fact Monster - Greece  
Kids Online - Greece Listen to their national anthem here!
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