Collegiate Lower School


Alphabet & Word Study

ABCYa Lots of great word, letter and math games for grades K-5!
ABC Match & Picture Match Play games to learn about beginning letter sounds and short & long vowel sounds.
ABCD Watermelon A PBS - Between the Lions game!
Alphabet Soup A PBS - Between the Lions game!
Bembos Zoo Click on a letter to see a zoo animal that begins w/that sound.
Building Language for Literacy Meet Lena, the naming newt, Leo, the letter-loving lobster, and Reggie, the rhyming rhino.
Flood Save the books! See if yo can figure out what these books have in common.
Make a Word How many words can you make?
Practice spelling words Look, cover, type, check!
Road Hog's Wild Ride Drive your "road hog" over the correct letters to spell the word! Press "S" to turn the sound off!
Starfall Learning to read is fun at Starfall!
Vocabulary Games Have fun learning about words!
Word Magnets Move the "word magnets" around to see how many sentences you can make to describe the picture.
Africa Map Look here for a map of Africa and flags of different African countries.
African Wildlife The African Wildlife Foundation is pleased to present selections from their Wild Lives Guidebook.
Israel Embassy Kids Page Learn about history, geography and symbols of the state of Israel here!
Israel WebQuest Learn all about Israel here!
India for Kids Visit this site for insight into the diverse culture and landscape of India.
Kids Culture: India This site is a work in progress. Check back often to see what is new.
Hindu Kids Offers stories, comics, games, questions, and answers.
The World
World Click here to learn about many different countries.
Math & Science
AAAMath Many games & activites for all levels.
ABCYa Lots of great word, letter and math games for grades K-5!
Everyday Math Online Play popular games from the Everyday Mathematics Program.
Illuminations: Grouping and Grazing Help the alien spaceship move cows into corrals by counting, adding, and subtracting.
Illuminations: Ten Frame The four games that can be played with this applet help to develop counting and addition skills.
IXL So much math, so little time!
NumberNut Enough math can make anyone nutty ;-)
PBS - Sid the Science Kid Have fun learning about science topics!
Rainforest Maths
Interactive Math Activities for K - 6 students!

Stories, Games & More

Dinosaur Train Click on the field guide to learn about different dinosaurs or have fun watching some of the great videos here!
4H Virtual Farms Join us on a trip to learn about farming.
Mancala A strategy game. Each player attempts to collect as many "stones" as possible before one of the players clears his or her side of the stones.
PBS Kids So many ways to learn & have fun!
Playhouse Disney There's lots to see and do here!
Purpose Games Find many great games here!
Sesame Street Join Ernie & Bert and all their friends for some fun & games!
Scholastic Online Activities Many games can be found here listed by subject and grade level.
Starfall Many fun reading games can be found here!
The World of Peter Rabbit and His Friends A fun site! Come play with Peter and his friends!
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Thomas & Friends, now a PBS TV show which can be seen around the world, is based on the beloved, best-selling books written by Reverend W. Awdry, which celebrates 60 years of successful publishing this year!

Thomas’s new episodes follow the adventures of Thomas and his friends on the Island of Sodor – an idealized place with a strong community ethos and a willingness to embrace good manners, hard work and a desire to be “Really Useful.”

Wildlife Puzzle Page Can you put these animal puzzles back together? Elephant Puzzle

Kindergarten Bookmarks