Report Overview and Sample Files

Conclusion Guidelines

The conclusion is the summation of the investigation where all parts of the experiment are pulled together. Here, the student will need to state whether or not the experiment confirmed the hypothesis. Further the results of the experiment will need to be explained. In order to explain the results, it may be necessary to return to the library or the Internet to do a little more research.

General Outline:

1. Restate the original problem. (purpose)


1. The purpose of the experiment was to determine which fertilizer makes plants grow the tallest.

2. Report whether or not the hypothesis was supported by the data.

2. The data supported the hypothesis that plants fertilized with Brand A fertilizer would grow the tallest.

3. Report the major findings. (Summarize the results-do not simply repeat information in the data chart.)

3. Brand A fertilizer made plants grow the tallest. The plants grew about 8 cm. higher than Brand B plants and plants with no fertilizer used.

4. Discuss the possible explanations for the results. (Can be based on the research.)

4. Nitrates are essential to protein synthesis. Plants need proteins in order to grow and survive. The larger number of nitrates helped the plants produce more proteins. The protreins repaired damaged cells in the plants and helped create new cells in the plants and helped create new cells needed for growth.

5. Suggest future studies or testing for this topic.

5. If someone in the future were interested in designing a project similar to this one it would be wise to take the Brand A fertilizer and test it on three different plants to see if it is as effective on other plant species.


Report Overview and Sample Files