The 3Sports Red Cross Race course is ready!

It has a little of everything. Nice grassy areas, pavement, screaming downhill, fireroad, wide single track, cobblestones, off camber area, cobblestone step run-up, and some climbing. It is a really fun course and it will challenge your fitness as well.

Fort/GPOA Team Pro cyclocross racer Greg Wittwer will be holding a free cyclocross clinic at Chimborazo Park Saturday at 2:00. Email me to let me know if you want to come.

email me!

Greg will give some great advice on how to race cross. He has been racing cross since he was 15 years old and tears up courses all over the country.


Here are some pictures of the course. I am getting rid of the leaves Saturday morning. They are falling like crazy now, so it useless to do until then. Here is a link to pre-register for the race.


Starting Area

Road Section

View from the Top of the Park

Screaming Downhill

Greg and Rick on the downhill

Bottom of Downhill

Cobblestone Road (leaves will be gone)

Small Downhill

Off Camber

Off Camber Downhill

Approach to Run-up


Climb after run-up


Back to the road


See you Sunday