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Oxford Companion to American Literature (R810.3 O98)
Columbia Literary History of the U.S. (R810.9 C726)
Columbia Companion to the Twentieth-Century American Short Story (R813.09 G316)
Columbia History of the American Novel (R813.09 E46)
Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature (R810.9 B465)


  • American Writers: A Collection of Literary Biographies (R810.9 A512)
    Includes long essays covering in-depth analysis of a writer's style and the themes of major works.

  • African American Writers (R810.9 A258)
    Complements American Writers by including articles on African American writers who have made a significant contribution to American literature.

  • Asian American Literature (R810.9 T 866)

  • Modern American Women Writers (R810.9 M689)

  • American Nature Writers (R810.9 E37)

  • Critical Survey of Poetry (R809.1 M194)
    Critical Survey of Drama (R809.2 M194)
    Critical Survey of Short Fiction (R809.3 M194)
    Critical Survey of Long Fiction (R809.3 M194)
    Survey of Modern Fantasy Fiction (R809.3 M194)
    Gives a thorough overview of a writer including biographical information as well as critical analysis.

  • Short Stories for Students (R808.83 G152)
    Drama for Students (R809.2 G152)
    Novels for Students (R809.2 G152)
    Poetry for Students (R808.81 G152)
    Epics for Students (R809.1 G152)
    In-depth coverage of authors and works frequently included in literature classes.

  • Drama Criticism (R809.2 T866)
    World Literature Criticism (R809.03 D765)
    Black Literature Criticism (R809 D765)
    Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (writers who died between 1900-1960) (R809 T971)
    Nineteenth Century Literary Criticism (writers who died between 1800-1900) (R809 N971)
    Contemporary Literary Criticism (R809 C761)
    Includes critical excerpts from a variety of sources that offer contrasting evaluations of an author.

  • Dictionary of Literary Biography:
    American Novelists Since World War II (R928 K46)
    Twentieth Century American Dramatists (R928 M169)
    American Novelists 1910-1945 (R928 M385)
    The Beats: Literary Bohemians in Postwar America (R928 C486)
    American Realists and Naturalists (R928 P695)
    Emphasizes biographical information but includes material about the critical reception of an author's works.


Library Collection

  • 811.9 American poetry:criticism
  • 812.9 American drama:criticism
  • 813.09 American fiction:criticism

Web Resources

On the PawPage: Literature Resource Center a comprehensive resource for every researcher.
includes biographical essays, critical analyses, and links to websites.
Gale Literary Index
A comprehensive index to the major literature series published by Gale. The library owns many of the volumes.
American Authors on the Web
Includes American authors since 1550. Links point to sites with biographical and critical information. Has an easy-to-use alphabetical list of authors.
Voice of the Shuttle
This immense site takes some practice to use well but it is worth the effort. Results are arranged by VoS file name (for example, VoS English Literature: America) and then hyperlinked to a line number--each result has a brief entry containing your search words.
A Celebration of Women Writers
Great resource for American writers.
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