A Web Research Project

BLESS ME, ULTIMA by Rudolfo Anaya is the story of Antonio Marez and his progress from boyhood to manhood. He must discover his place in his family and the world, and he must make peace with his parents' different expectations for him and his destiny as it is revealed by Ultima, the curandera who comes to live with the Marez family. Although the plot of the novel is straightforward and relatively easy to understand, the cultural background and literary concepts behind the book may have raised questions for you this summer. To answer these questions and enrich our discussions of and your writing about the book, we will do a web research project. Four goals for this project are:

The Research

Visit and study the web sites listed in the RESOURCES section below. They will be the starting point for your research.
Your research will be guided by the following questions:

Once you locate sites, you will want to ask yourselves some questions.

The Resources

Rudolfo Anaya
Magical Realism

This project was adapted from an original created by Joanne Pratt, English Department, Collegiate School, Richmond, Virginia.
Updated by Cindy Douglass, November 2005.