Asian Studies:Resources in the Library and Online

Print Resources in the Reed-Gumenick Library

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Selections from the Collegiate Paw Page

AP Photo Archive
An excellent resource for photographs. You, as a Collegiate student, are already registered to use this website so click on 'Enter the Archive.' You can search by what, when, and where. Typing the country name in the 'what' search box provides a good selection of photographs.
Lands and Peoples
A fine resource on countries, cultures, and current events. Just type the country name in the 'Find it fast' box. Remember there is a helpful 'Table of Contents' for each article and you can click on the section you need.
World Almanac
Part of the Facts on File database. A great way to search for statistics. On the right hand side of the webpage click on Nations of the World and scan the alphabetized list for your country.
Gateways: AcademicInfo, Internet Public Library, & Librarians' Index to the Internet
Excellent places to begin searching the web. Quality sites are selected, organized, and reviewed to make the amount of information on the Internet accessible. Links to these sites are on the Paw Page.


Additional Web Resources
Covers the Arab World, primarily countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library From their mission statement: "Comprehensive, current, and annotated catalogs of online resources selected on the strength of their reliability, authority and usefulness to inquiry and analysis regarding Asian societies, politics, economies, histories, and cultures."
CIA Factbook
A very fine source of statistical information on countries. Countries are listed in the left hand column of the webpage. You will find info on geography, people, government, economy, communication, and transportation.
Up-to-date information and news on countries of the world.
Electronic Embassy
A great place to find the web address of a country's embassy.
Library of Congress: Country Studies
Written by the Department of the Army, some of the studies may be out-of-date and you must pay close attention to the publication date. However, each includes a helpful glossary.
State Department Background Notes
Another source from the U.S. government. Thorough information on countries including a profile and more in-depth coverage of people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations.


Map Resources

Electric Library
An excellent source for maps. There is also a link to Electric Library on the Paw Page.

Electric Library search To search successfully for a country map, check only 'Maps' and type the country name in the search box.

PCL Map Collection
Includes thousands of maps. When searching this site, look at the information in the left-hand column of the page: select region and then country for a list of maps.
National Geographic
For very good outline maps, click on the link for Printer Friendly Maps and search for your country.


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