Connecting to Library resources from home.

Library Card Catalogs - The holdings of both campus libraries are available to search on-line. Visit to access the catalog via the Paw Page.

Electronic References - Collegiate School subscribes to a number of on-line references. In order to access these resources you must be a Collegiate student, faculty member, or staff member with a correct userid and password. This is the same userid and password used to access the web at school. However, in order to do this at home you must re-configure your browser to access Collegiate. If you are an AOL user you will need AOL to connect to the Internet, BUT you may have to use Netscape as your browser. Recent versions of AOL and Internet Explorer do not work together. Internet Explorer should work fine with cable modem, DSL, or other Internet service providers.

Internet Explorer for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

Internet Explorer for the Macintosh


NEW - Directions for Apple's OSX


Downloading and Configuring Netscape


If after following these instructions you have not successfully connected to the Paw Page and been prompted for

the "Symantec web security logon," contact Patrick Loach. (

November 20, 2004