C.Co.Com.Comp.Compl.Comple.Complet.Complete.Completen.Completene.Completenes.Completeness. Completeness is...Completeness is ultimate satisfaction; it leaves nothing more to be desired, nothing left open to modification. The feeling of being complete is an emotion rarely felt by those who are constantly questioning, reevaluating, achieving...Completeness is not. This is Completeness. How to tell? I. Decide. Is it? It could be more. Sometimes. Less is better. Then, complete just is. If, by changing anything, the meaning conveyed by the artist will be destoryed, there is completeness, though not always beauty; the artist must exist along the line dividing brilliance and abomination...Completeness: the undeniable feeling tha thte roll has run out of toilet paper. Incompleteness: Where? When? But how long?...And about what?...Full, fulfilling, final, finito, fin, finalmente, finished...Completing something is being able to be totally satisfied with what you've accomplished and finding the ability to move on. The completion of any piece is knowing that one more touch could ruin it and that it stands as an existing "thing" just as it is. Completeness is a skill you must acquire if you were not born with a sixth sense for it. It takes practice and some soul-searching to decide if something is not yet complete or if ou're able to admit that something has been overdone...Completeness is completely unattainable unless you are completely free of any desire to be complete...Completenessis being able to walk away from a project without wondering what else it could or should have been. There is no afterthought because any further change to it would be a mistake...Completeness is not a thing, it's a feeling or an instinct. It's when you look at a piece and know there is nothing you can add to it or remove from it to make it better. It's when your vision comes to life or falls apart to reveal a new vision. It's the resonnance of the pencil when you make your last mark and the flick of your brush on your final stroke....Having all necessary or normal parts, components, or steps; entire: a complete meal. Absolute; total: “In Cairo I have seen buildings which were falling down as they were being put up, buildings whose incompletion was complete” (William H. Gass). Having come to an end; concluded.Botany. Having all principal parts, namely, the sepals, petals, stamens, and pistil or pistils. Used of a flower.complete, close, end, finish, conclude, terminateComplete is sometimes considered absolute like perfect or chief, which is not subject to comparison. Nonetheless, it can be qualified as more or less, for example

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Completeness. Completeness is...What is completeness to you???
Are YOU complete?